Fastcast working with Gabriele Salvatores, an Oscar-winning director

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All my crazy love“, a film from Gabriele Salvatores, portrays a father and son, their incredible adventure on the road while traveling from Eastern Italy to the deserted streets of the Balkans, and their affectionate, amusing, problematic and unusual relationship.

The story is loosely based on the Fulvio Ervas novel Se ti abbraccio non aver paura (lit. “Don’t Be Afraid if I Hug You”) and is unfolding in three countries – Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

From basketball players to child actors

Fastcast covered film casting of the actors and extras featured in the part of the movie filmed in Slovenia. They were a delightful mix of professional actors, young talents, and extras with specific looks and skills. The film casting process started three months before filming.

The requirement for all speaking roles was that they could speak Italian (even if with a strong Slovenian accent). We auditioned 50 professional actors for three parts and have cast another thirty-two people as extras.

Some extras had the role of basketball players, which required that their height is at least 185 cm. No biggie, since our online casting tool offers a possibility to select height as one of the search parameters.

The second requirement for extras, however, was a slightly harder cookie to crack: we had to find teenagers to play kids with autism, which required quite a lot of acting skills. Luckily there’s a lot of talented young aspiring actors in Slovenia, and we found terrific candidates for the role!

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Here are some moments from the set:

The director himself documented his impressions from the film set on Instagram saying: “The journey, the music, the nameless streets, where emotions and feelings find the space to fly. In short, rock and roll!” 

The film from Gabriele Salvatores was filmed “on the road” documenting the father-and-son journey through Italy and the Balkans.

Busy film set

Busy set with extras getting ready to get a “style check” before going in front of the camera.

backstage of the film set

Busy crew on the filming location in Slovenia.

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