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Choose the type of photography that suits your needs and type in the number of products you wish to get photographed. Click on “I need a model” if you wish to hire a model for your photoshoot. Prices do not include shipping.

Price calculation

Price varies depending on
  • the type of photography you choose
  • the number of products you wish to photograph
  • if you hire a model or not (model price is for 6 hours, after 6 hours we recharge the model giving you a 50% discount)


2d photography - {{ products.twoDimensional.num }}x
{{ products.twoDimensional.withModel ? products.twoDimensional.priceWithModel * products.twoDimensional.num : products.twoDimensional.price * products.twoDimensional.num | round }} $
2d photography model - {{ calculateModelData(products.twoDimensional.num, products.twoDimensional.maxProducts).days }} day
{{calculateModelData(products.twoDimensional.num, products.twoDimensional.maxProducts, products.twoDimensional.modelPrice).price | round}} $
3d photography - {{ products.threeDimensional.num }}x
{{ products.threeDimensional.withModel ? products.threeDimensional.priceWithModel * products.threeDimensional.num : products.threeDimensional.price * products.threeDimensional.num | round }} $
3d photography model - {{ calculateModelData(products.threeDimensional.num, products.threeDimensional.maxProducts).days }} day
{{calculateModelData(products.threeDimensional.num, products.threeDimensional.maxProducts, products.threeDimensional.modelPrice).price | round }} $
lifestyle photography - {{ products.lifestyle.num }}x
{{ products.lifestyle.withModel ? products.lifestyle.priceWithModel * products.lifestyle.num : products.lifestyle.price * products.lifestyle.num | round }} $
lifestyle photography model - {{ calculateModelData(products.lifestyle.num, products.lifestyle.maxProducts).days }} day
{{calculateModelData(products.lifestyle.num, products.lifestyle.maxProducts, products.lifestyle.modelPrice).price | round}} $

Total price

{{ totalPrice | round }}$

Estimated time of delivey is 2-4 weeks.

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Location of shipment: Kondina 18, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia.

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